About Suzy Wraines

suzy wraines in blue shirt standing by a tree habit change coach
So, a little about me.  I am an Army Veteran. I served as a medic and spent a year deployed in Iraq.  I worked in hospitals and in the field for over 10 years. What inspired me to go back to school and become a coach was my struggles with my health and lifestyle.   My journey started while I managed our photography business.  I started feeling tired, gaining weight, and not sleeping well.  It was hard for me to function during the day. To make sure nothing serious was going on I was checked by my doctor.  Everything was normal. This got me to thinking about my weight. I needed help to lose some weight and get healthier.  I searched for a health coach that could help me but all I could find were coaches that had plans to lose weight through buying products.  I didn’t want to buy a product. At this point, I realized if I was struggling to find someone to help me other people must be too. So, I went back to school and became a certified health and life coach focusing on habit changes.
Through my own learning in school and being coached by a health coach who went to the same school I did, I got on a regular sleep cycle, lost weight, eat better, and feel so much better. Life has completely changed.  I have focus, motivation, and energy to do all the things I couldn’t before. Coaching changed my life and now I get to change other women’s lives. 
We are all a work in progress and never reach the end. It is important to be the best version of ourselves right now in the present moment.  I tell women who want to work with me, “I will meet you right where you are at.”  We all have very different lives and the type of coaching I do is help you figure out what habits you want to let go of and which ones you want to create in your life custom to you. If you are struggling with energy, overwhelm, stress, or your sleep habits I would love to chat with you.