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Have you ever said to yourself “I know what to do I just can’t do it.”

You vow to stop drinking soda. You get so excited for replacing soda with something else to break the cycle. Day 1 is amazing you did it! Day 2 harder but still hanging in there…

One week later… You have completely given up on the idea that you can stop drinking soda. 

Here is how it goes in your head…

Day 1 “I’m doing it this time!”
Day 2 “You can do this. Another day down.”
Day 3 “Why is it so hard?”
Day 4 “Maybe I could have just 1.”
Day 5 “I had 2 soda’s yesterday it doesn’t matter what I do today.”
Day 6 “I have already gone completely off course. Might as well give up.”
Day 7 “I can live with soda. It’s fine. It helps me feel better anyway.”
Day 8 “Maybe I will start exercising to counter the soda effect.”

Does this sound Familiar?

Put any habit in place of soda in this example.

What happened in your head was let yourself off the “hook” when it got hard. You used all or nothing thinking to rationalize why it was okay to give up.  If I can’t do it completely right the first week I failed.

Committing to change is HARD. True statement. Ask anyone. Once you commit to change the work starts. The first few days are easy. You know what to do and how. But what do you do when day 3, 4, 5 come up and it really gets hard?

suzy wraines healthy habits coach for women

As a Habit Coach I struggle with my own pattern of starting something and giving up before it gets good. I’m just like you making habit choices everyday. You are not alone in feeling like when you start something new it’s so hard to keep going.

Before I became a habit coach, I was in a place I thought I would never get out of. I was struggling to even get out of bed in the morning. At the time I thought I had a medical reason for low energy. My doctor said nothing was wrong with me. How could that be possible? At that point I decided it has to be me. My own thoughts that are keeping me down. That was it for me. I was ready for change. So, I started searching for a health coach to help me change basic eating and exercise habits. This was a huge challenge. Who do I work with? Where do I find them? Will they be able to help me? You probably have all these same questions. That is why you are reading this right now.

After many weeks of searching I couldn’t find the person I was looking for. I didn’t give up. Through my search I found a Health & Life Coach school.

If I couldn’t find the right coach for me I figured other ladies couldn’t either. This is when I decided to become a coach myself. While in school I was able to change my habits.  I started applying the concepts I was learning in school to my own healthy habits.  Through my own experience of struggle with habit change I know how you are feeling right now. I have been there. You can make your own habit changes. It is possible to move past the feeling that you will never succeed with creating healthy habits that last.

Why is it so difficult to make lasting healthy habits? It is hard because it takes repetition and consistency. You must be committed to the process. What is the process? The process is your success plan. Ask any successful person how they became successful and they will tell you they had a plan. Do you have a plan? If not, that’s okay. I can help you create your own success plan.

“Change your habits by changing your choices.”

What do I mean by that. Everything you do you make a choice. Soda or water? Sleep or not? Walk or watch television? What creates habit change is by making the same choice over and over again either to do something or not to. The amazing thing is your choices are custom to you! This is where you get to have fun experimenting with what works for you.

“Having a success plan custom to you makes habit change possible.”

This means that what works for you won’t necessarily work for someone else. This where having me as your coach is key. Together we work to find out what works directly for you. This will be your success plan. Once you have your success plan you will be able to apply it to any healthy habit you want. This is how I will coach you through habit change that lasts a lifetime.

With my healthy habit coaching series you will...

Hey there!

Suzy here. I’m so excited you are saying yes to yourself to make lasting changes in your life. I am married to my wonderful husband Jason, and have five (yes, FIVE) fur babies at home. Some of my favorite things are Sunday naps, hiking, camping, and reading a good book.

I have medical experience in clinical and emergency medicine. Stress, nutrition, mental health and many other factors go into habit coaching. Even though I am not practicing as a licensed medical professional as a coach, my experience gives me awareness around how the brain and body functions when making lifestyle changes. This is key to habits for a healthy lifestyle.

Now that you know a little more about me. Let’s talk about you. What brought you to thinking about making habit changes? What would it be like for you to be successful with healthy habits?

Who is this for?

Who is this NOT for?

What is included in the program?

No. You have an option to pay in 2 installment payments prior to completing coaching.
Yes. The series is designed for you to build success through repetition and consistency.  You must attend all weekly sessions.
Yes. The Wellness Habits App has a private chat feature that you can send me a private message through.
Yes. As a previous 1-on-1 client you have lifetime access the the Wellness Habits App and all functions you had as a client.
Yes. It is very important that you reserve your 1-on-1 coaching spot as soon as possible. There are only a limited amount of coaching series spots available. Once they are full you will be placed on a waiting list.

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