How Intermittent Fasting Saves Me Money

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When I started intermittent fasting I didn’t realize that I would save money too. I knew that it was free to do intermittent fasting but didn’t think about how I wasn’t eating as much food. The reason I started doing intermittent fasting was to feel better. I had been having pain in my stomach from the food I was eating. By limiting when I ate I have been able to lower the instance of my pain. I started in February before COVID-19 was happening here in the United States. We were still all going about our days as normal. Once we started social distancing things changed.

While being home more, I realized that we needed to be more aware of what food we buy. The fresh produce in the stores was full while other areas where empty shelves. Refrigerator shelves now had fresh foods on them instead of dairy products. People are actually not eating fruits and vegetables as much during this pandemic. I took this as an opportunity. It was important that I start adding more fruits and vegetables into my diet. Luckily for me, it wasn’t selling out. At first, I got excited and started buying more of it to have at home. After a week, I realized that I can’t eat that much food before it goes bad. This is when I had an “Ah-Ha” moment. We watch for grocery advertising in the mail. When produce is on sale I buy what is on sale. I decided to freeze what I can when it’s on sale. Fresh produce I buy then freeze are berries, potatoes (I cook them first), broccoli, and bell peppers. I’m still learning what freezes well.

By shopping and freezing, I have been able to save money on my grocery bill that way. Another way I have saved money is I eat less. One of my favorite healthy fats to eat is avocados. They aren’t always on sale but I don’t eat as many when I’m intermittent fasting. For the past month, I have been experimenting with my fasting window. What I have found is that instead of fasting for 18 hours a day I fast 24 hours three times a week. By doing a longer fast I don’t eat on my fasting days. This has cut my avocado consumption down from five a week to 2. This has lower our food costs also. Another thing I noticed is by fasting for 24 hours I don’t eat as much on my eating days. My body is adjusting to the new schedule so food isn’t used for emotional support. I don’t get hungry as much on my eating days. My husband and I plan on my eating days to make a good size dinner that he can have the leftovers the next day while I fast. We then get to eat together four days a week. So far I have lost three pounds in three weeks and our grocery bill has gone done twenty-five percent. Now if only I could get my husband to do intermittent fasting with me. Then we could cut our food bill down fifty percent. How great would that be?

Oh and with all this positive coming from intermittent fasting my stomach pain is going away. Yesterday I noticed that it didn’t show up at all. When we do intermittent fasting our body actually can heal itself. Amazing! If you have not tried intermittent fasting it can seem scary at first. I wasn’t sure what to do. My background is in the medical field so reading books on the topic was fun for me. Not everyone likes to read about the cellular makeup of the body and how hormones work. I do. There are several books I recommend if you are into that. You can check my recommended reading page at

Using my knowledge from intermittent fasting research, I try things out on myself. So far, so good. One thing I have learned is that every woman has her own journey when it comes to intermittent fasting. The support of the Women Intermittent Fasting Connection Facebook Group has been helpful. Women share their own journey and what has been helping them. We support each other by asking questions and encouragement. When I try something that works I share it. If I’m struggling I share that. The ladies are so understanding and wonderful! I recommend you check it out. Again, like all intermittent fasting, it’s FREE.

This article is what I have learned through intermittent fasting and saving money. Comment below if you have experienced a lower food bill through intermittent fasting. We all would love to hear. Be safe!

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