How Much Water Do I Need?

different size plastic water bottles
 It’s 2020, can you believe it? Think of how far we have come just in the last decade. With all the changes and upgrades in life, we have hundreds of options when it comes to choosing what to drink. Why should we choose water?
Water helps with our metabolism, skin, hair, and really all cells in our body. Before I go into that, think about grapes and raisins. Grapes are full of fluid – big, plump and juicy. Raisins, on the other hand, are dry, hard, and smaller in size. When a grape turns into a raisin the water is taken out of it to dry it out. Your body is made up of over 60% water. So what do you think happens when you don’t keep that maintenance level of water in your body? Not sure? 
raisins and fresh grapes
Most people now are walking around partially dehydrated from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. This term is called chronic dehydration. Do you suffer from brain fog, headaches, low energy, constipation, and trouble concentrating? If so, the first thing you want to ask yourself is ‘How much water am I drinking every day?’ You may just be partially dehydrated and all your symptoms will go away with drinking enough water. So before you go out and by supplements for your brain, headache medicine, constipation medicines, and energy-boosting whatever they are currently selling, get a bottle you can carry with you at all times.
When I talk to clients the first thing we discuss is how much water they are drinking. It is a basic need we have and the foundation for all other changes we make. When you have a clear head and energy you can make better choices, and that leads to being able to make the changes in life you want. As weird as it sounds, habit change starts with drinking water.

Tips on how to start the water drinking habit.

Here are some ideas for how to start your drinking water habit:

  • Get a bottle just for water.
  • Alternate other beverages with water.
  • Add flavor or fruit to your water to start.
  • Slowly replace other beverages you drink with water.
People struggle with new habits because they try to start them the same way every time. I encourage you to think outside the box and do something new to create your drinking water habit. One idea is to buy a special bottle that is just for your water, and take it with you just like you do your cell phone. Even if you don’t always drink lots of water to start, having it with you will create the need to have water all the time. You will start drinking it because it is always there.
If you struggle with drinking other beverages and want to replace them with water, start slow. Again, always have water with you, this is non-negotiable. The other drink is an option. You can slowly start replacing your other beverage by having your water next to the drink and having water in between drinking the other drink. At some point having two drinks will be too much and water will win. When you finish the other chosen beverage don’t refill it. Just continue to drink water for the rest of the day.

I have had clients who just don’t like the taste of water or need “something” in the water. I understand this completely.

If you are used to having sweet, flavor or other things in your drink plain water is boring. So, for these people, I tell them to add non-sugar flavor, fresh fruit, or just a slice of lemon. This is only for a temporary time until you can transition to plain water. We don’t have flavors in our cells, we have just H2O. By adding anything to water you are changing how your body processes it. The best is plain water. As a Habit Coach, I understand that it is hard to make changes and smaller changes over time lead to big results.
Back to the grapes and raisins. I said that water is good for metabolism, skin, hair, and all the cells in our body. Can you see how when your body is full of raisins so many of the systems are not working properly?  Wouldn’t you rather have your cells like grapes, operating to their full potential giving you energy, healthy skin, and overall feeling better? What will you do today to add water to your daily routine?

If you are struggling to change your habits or want to start a new habit but just can’t seem to get it going I would love to chat with you. You can schedule a free 30 minute conversation with me. 

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    Water is so important. How much water are you drinking?

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