Habits Spring Cleaning?

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What is spring cleaning habits?  As a habit coach for women, I’m constantly reminded of ways I can improve myself.  This spring I was inspired to think about cleaning in a different way.  When we do spring cleaning we pull out the old stuff, sort through it and only keep what we want.  We then rearrange to make things neater and simple.  So many times I look in a drawer or cupboard and think, I need to clean this out. Then I shut it.  Right around this time of year, people start to look at their homes and think it’s time to clean out this stuff.  What do you do when you start to clean? I pull everything out to decide what is worth keeping and what needs to go.  I’m one of those people that makes a mess to clean. I know there are others out there, you know who you are.

So, here I am with my pile of stuff.  As I sort through it I start to think about each item.  I spend a little bit of time on the stuff that is easy to let go of.  Sometimes I find something that I haven’t seen in a while and take a minute to figure out if I should keep it.  Taking this time allows me to ask myself questions. What did I use it for? How long have I had it? Will I use it in the future? All these questions help me to make an informed decision.    

Like the drawer I’m cleaning out, our habits need the same type of cleaning.  To organize the drawer takes time and thought. Sure you could dump the drawer into the trash and call it good.  That would be easy. But what if you threw away something valuable in the process?  

Our habits start to collect like stuff in a drawer.  We don’t even realize what they are controlling. They are there working under the radar until we decide to clean them out.  Like cleaning out a drawer, you must pull out the habit one at a time and decide if it should stay or go. This means asking questions.  Why do I have this habit? How often does it come up? Is it doing me good? Is it doing me harm? Do I need to change it? 

To know what to do with your habits you start by picking one to look at.  For example, drinking water. Am I drinking enough water? Should I drink more water?  Have I even thought about water? To answer these questions you will need to do some research.  Tracking is one way to gather data. By logging how much water you are currently drinking you can decide if you need more, less, or stay the same.  This is true for all habits. Looking at what is currently going on with a habit allows you to decide the change you need to make or stay the same.  

If you are ready to dig into your habits and make some changes let’s talk. Book a consultation now.  

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